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Are You Suffering from Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss affects an estimated 48 million Americans. Hearing impairment can seriously reduce your quality of life. If you’re feeling depressed, isolated or cut off from friends and family members, due to embarrassment over hearing impairment, now is the time to seek a comprehensive hearing evaluation. Our friendly team of skilled hearing loss specialists are ready to greet you in a warm, compassionate environment. We are dedicated to helping you hear again.

Sophisticated Hearing Evaluation and Testing

Advanced Hearing Solutions

Our hearing center team will diagnose your hearing loss using precise, reliable hearing evaluation testing options to match you with the best available treatment options. Our audiology team may recommend a pure tone audiometry evaluation to measure hearing at different frequencies. We may also conduct a speech evaluation to assess how well you are able to hear and understand ordinary conversation at variable volumes. These hearing evaluation testing methods will allow us to determine your level of hearing loss and identify the right solutions for you.

Advanced Hearing Aid Devices

Advanced, modern digital hearing systems deliver the world’s highest-quality hearing aid devices. Sophisticated 21st century hearing devices offer innovative features such as speech enhancement, feedback reduction and advanced background noise reduction. Contemporary hearing aid design means that you’ll enjoy smaller, sleeker, more powerful devices and exceptional audio quality.

State-of-the-Art Cochlear Implants for Hearing Loss

Hearing Aids and Ear Plugs Designed to Fit Your Lifestyle

Our hearing center offers custom-molded ear plugs. Specially-fit molded ear plugs offer advanced ear and hearing protection for a variety of lifestyles. Molded ear plugs are great for swimmers, hunters, and a wide range of other sporting activities. Make the most of your active lifestyle with custom ear plugs offered at our dedicated audiology center.

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Comprehensive Hearing Loss Care for Louisiana Patients from Sulphur, Moss Bluff, and Jennings in Lake Charles.

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